Why should I hire with an independent educational consultant [IEC]?

Independent educational consultants [IECs] work one-on-one with the student as well as with his or her family on the college search. IECs travel and acquire experience and knowledge about over 3,000 colleges and universities in the United States. Members of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (of which Erin is an Associate Member) are paid exclusively by their clients, not by the institutions. Therefore, IECs are able to work objectively to match colleges and universities to the individual’s needs and wants.

When is an appropriate time to hire an IEC?

Traditionally, IECs begin working with students in their junior year of high school. However, some students benefit from working with an IEC as early as eighth grade to determine the best coursework to take to prepare a curriculum for a college.

How do I know which school is appropriate for my student?

Field Educational Consulting, LLC would evaluate your student’s interests, wants, and needs as well as school transcripts, test scores, writing samples, etc. Through meetings, Field Educational Consulting, LLC will discover together what type of school will fit the requirements of the student and family.

I am interested in getting my Associates degree at a community college before I transfer to a four year college. Can you assist me with this process?

Yes, Field Educational Consulting, LLC can assist you to find the best fit institution that will accept your coursework towards completing your four year degree since not all schools will accept all transfer credits.

I have many interests, but how can I determine my college path?

There are various summer activities to explore diverse career paths. Field Educational Consulting, LLC can assist the student to find a variety of programs, internships, or community service opportunities to delve deeper into your interests and determine your path.

I am not ready for college now, but how can I use my time after high school effectively?

Field Educational Consulting, LLC can investigate gap programs that will provide meaningful opportunities and experiences that will increase your preparedness for post-secondary education.

I have heard that there are colleges that have services for students with disabilities, but how can I find the right school for me?

Field Educational Consulting, LLC can use your school and diagnostic records to determine the level of service your needs require and match a college that will provide you with the tools needed for optimal assistance for potential success.

How will I know what to look for when I go on a college visit?

Field Educational Consulting, LLC will assist the student to develop a list of questions to have answered on his or her campus visit. After each college visit, Field Educational Consulting, LLC would debrief on the experience to gain a better understanding of what each school offers and what the student is seeking.